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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Tonight, I’m watching the Thunder/Mavs Game with my dad on our hand-me-down TV.  Before the Thunder, I was a Mavs fan.  But when they play each other, you better believe I’m cheering for the Thunder. I live in the 405.  What do you expect? I really think they’ll take it all the way this year. […]

I am right smack dab in the middle of finals and finishing projects and working a lot and trying to clean and organize my house for a future house tour ;) So, I apologize for my neglect on here.   My time has been focused on school and the beginning of summer.  But this coming […]

I’ve compiled a list of things that would make the world a little better.  (This was for fun and doesn’t reflect how I feel about hate/crime/equality/poverty/sickness or any of that stuff.  If it did reflect those topics, you could add a bullet point saying “Hate, crime, inequality, terrorism, war, poverty, disease, homelessness, abuse, rape, and […]

On Wednesday, I had a shoot with Hayley on campus at OU.  It was smashing. Isn’t she lovely?  And she had the cutest clothes.                   This may be my last post ever.  Probably because once these tornadoes hit up OKC, I’ll never be found again. Just kidding. […]