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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Alli was the first person to take advantage of my 15% off all shoots booked until August 18th. She bought a mini shoot for her mom for her mom’s birthday. We had fun, though sometimes it was a bit ridiculous. These two were so kind and so lovely. :)             […]

Guys, listen. I have a new favorite animal. The interest was sparked very instantaneously from watching BBC’s ocean program on Netflix. And now, I can’t get over how awesome these really freaking large creatures are. My new favorite animal is the Blue Whale. Yup. I think they’re fascinating. Here are some facts: They are the […]

Yup.  The title for this post is lyrics from Pocahontas, which was probably my favorite Disney movie growing up. Why did I choose these lyrics? No idea other than the canine on my shirt may be a wolf.  Or a collie.  I really don’t know.       Dreamcatcher/wolf/collie tank // Primark, Scotland. Belt // […]

Sometimes, there is nothing I’m more sure of than my desire to explore, travel, and try new things.  To take risks. I want to experience so much.   Today, I found this little thought, and it sparked the day dreams of all day dreams. And ultimately ended with me wanting nothing more than to leave […]