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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Lame title, I know. But this family is NOT lame.  Not at all. I’ve known Emily and Kyle for close to 3 years now.  Their handsome, little son, Dathan, just turned 1 this month.  How adorable is he?  He’s so funny, too! Enjoy. :)               With love, Rachel

Just like Amanda, I also love some random facts. I realize that this is my blog and website, but many of my readers may not know too much about me. Here we go, 15 random facts about me.    1. I have unhealthy obsession with A1 sauce.  I’ll eat it on nearly everything. 2. I’m […]

This summer, I was thinking about ways to expand my boundaries with photography.  I wanted to do a higher-fashion series based on one theme.  Then I thought about colors. I’m doing a photographic series, simply called “Color.” I’m planning on having a model for each color. My hope is to have two shots for: white, […]