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Monthly Archives: November 2012

  We’re right smack dab in the middle of Holiday Season. I know, I know, you’re crazy busy.  We all are. But instead of spending hours at the mall dragging 50 lb. bags of stuff, buy your uncle, best friend, mom, grandmother, baby cousin, entire family, or yourself, something that will last much longer than […]

I second shot this wedding back in August with Catie (who is mine and Ethan’s wedding photographer!).  I never blogged it…I’m not sure why.  It was such a beautiful wedding. Luis and Diana are both graphic designers and there were a lot of DIY elements of the day. And can we talk about the venue?  It […]

Let’s just jump right into this, okay? For about 11 years, I’ve been dealing with low self esteem and body image issues.  It started in junior high.  It still goes on now. There are days where I hate how I look or when I hate how clothes fit on my body.  Yesterday, I went to […]

I had a lovely time shooting Pazlie and Kyson a few weeks ago.  Pazlie is so gorgeous and Kyson is such a cutie. I may or may not have hired Pazlie to do my hair for my upcoming wedding.  She’s awesome at it. Enjoy.   With love, Rachel