Happy New Year!

Sorry I’m 4 days late.
But, hey, better late than never, right?

I’m here to share my 2013 goals.  I think this will be a wonderful year.  I get to marry my best friend.  I graduate college, which means that I can finally focus full time on photography.  And I feel more creative and motivated in a long time, which definitely can’t hurt.

I made a list of 35+ goals for the new year, but I’ll only share some main ones with you guys.

via Pinterest.

+ I want to (re)start and finish c25k.
+ I want to do a 52 week photo challenge that requires me to get creative and out of my comfort zone.
+ I want to keep track of loved ones’ birthdays and send cards/gifts when appropriate.
+ I want to read (or re-read) 20 books.
+  I want to try 52 new things.
+ I want to figure out a system for my business that works and makes sense.
+ I want to shoot more film.
+ I want to cook 3 times a week (minimum).
+ I want to learn a new word a week and incorporate it into my vocabulary.
+ I want to go explore and have new adventures.
+ I want to learn more jokes.
+ I want to get toned.
+ I want to (try to) be more social.
+ I want to have a larger online presence (outside of facebook and twitter).

Ethan and I also made goals for each other as a couple and a few goals we want to see each other accomplish.
His for me was to do 4 creative things without putting them online (though I may have to eventually ;)); just to do something creative for me.
I really like that.  And I really like him.

A few of our “couple” goals are:

+ To support local artists/events/restaurants more often.
+ To make a budget and stick with it.
+ To cook dinner once a week together.
+ To have more “different” dates (other than going out to eat and dinner).
+ To get ALL wedding things done by May 1 (which is exactly a month before our big day).

There you have it.
Have a lovely evening, and happy new year!

With love,



















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Sydney Greenwood
I'm also hoping to do a 52 weeks project. If you need help coming up with ideas/need a model/want someone to go with you on any shoots, I'm your girl. That goes for any other goals as well... Anything you need help with, ever, really, let me know. (:

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