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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  Rachel Photographs is hosting another contest! This will be the ONLY ONE THIS YEAR. Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, the contest will be based around  LOVE. I’m hoping to have many entries and tried to make the theme broad enough so anyone could enter. :) What do you have to do? 1) […]

When the couples’ last name is Wunder, you can expect a great wedding.  I had a marvelous time photographing this gorgeous 1920’s themed wedding. Brunch, fresh flowers, stripes, natural light, a rooftop, golds and silvers, The Great Gatsby soundtrack, fringe, feathers, and beads, an amazing cake, Art Deco touches, and a couple who are totally […]

I’ve been debating upon writing a blog on this topic for some time, but decided it was time. What would a wedding photographer’s dream wedding to shoot look like? It’d be in Paris, obviously.  Right under the Eiffel Tower. Or perhaps London.  London would be good, too. The gown would be exquisite and really pricey. […]