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Abigail + Tim | OKC Wedding Photographers | Harn Homestead Wedding

Abigail and Tim’s Wedding day was so wonderful.  I arrived to the beautiful Harn Homestead and was greeted by lovely people still setting everything up.  I photographed some details and explored the grounds before the wedding.  Abigail’s dress and shoes are some of my favorite of all time.  I loved her shoes so much I had to find myself a pair.  Waiting on warmer weather to wear them.  The flowers and decor were so natural (wood, lavender, different greens, and earthy white flowers), simple, but stunning.

During the ceremony, the sky was cloudy and overcast, and though clouds make for great photos, I was hoping that the sun would show up.  Well, not even 10 minutes after Abigail and Tim kissed for the first time as husband and wife, the sky opened and we got some of the most wonderful light for their bride and groom portraits.  The rest of the night was full of celebrating marriage with breakfast food, donuts, cake, pie, dancing, a rainbow (I took a photo of the rainbow over a small cabin on the property and was featured by Folk Magazine because of it), and lots of laughter and joyful times.  Abigail and Tim’s “getaway” was one of my favorite to date.  Check it out below.



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