Hi there, friend.
I’m Rachel Waters.  I like to think my last name is “Waters” because I was a mermaid in a past life.  In this life, I am a wedding + lifestyle photographer based in Oklahoma and Colorado.  But you probably knew that by now.  What don’t you know?  Favorite color: Emerald green.  Favorite beverage: iced honey latte; alcoholic: G+Ts.  Or anything with lavender.  Favorite scent: impending rain.  Favorite sound: laughter.  Tattoos: 6.  Hair: Currently pink.  I played the alto saxophone for 8 years and still love picking it up from time to time.  Jazz forever.  I have a degree in English Lit, but may never use it.  The world’s greatest dogs alive are mine (no offense).  Ira + Poppy are their names and they bring me so much joy.  My closet is 50% black and 50% stripes and I believe in dry shampoo with everything in my being.  I daydream a lot, mostly about traveling to far away places and getting a little bit lost.  I shout praise for Mexican + Thai food. I listen to my music as loudly as I can get away with.  One day, I hope to live in a cottage in the English countryside, surrounded by wildflowers, my own garden, and more dogs.  In my free time, you could find me a trivia night with my friends, practicing songs for my first-ever karaoke performance (currently practicing: Ray Charles, Rihanna, Beyoncé and JAY-Z, and, of course, Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard), and making the plans to write my own cookbook. I cry every time I watch Pam and Jim’s wedding on The Office.  I cry when I get inquiries with the word “Rustic” in them and unfortunately, they’re not the same happy tears from the Beesley/Halpert Wedding. I wish Apple made a waterproof iMac series so I could edit and work while simultaneously relaxing  in the bathtub.  Sometimes I consider naps my best friend.  Food is better spicy don’t @ me.  I want to go to a new country for every year I’m alive.  I’m a few behind right now, but hope to make up for that soon (if you wanna help me out with my life goal, hit me up.  I’ll make ya a deal.).  I am drawn to light; captivated by lines, shadows, and hues of dawn and twilight (It’s a “Hard No” for me, Bob on the Vampire Books, though.).  Making people laugh is my favorite pastime, but I know my sense of humor may not be for everyone.  I always wanted to be an artist–somehow–but never knew if I’d ever be able to do it for a living.  So, being able to  make some kick-ass photos for some kick-ass people brings me immense delight.  I believe in love, kindness, and standing up for what is right and true.  I am a lover of small moments and big moments, of relentless joy, of the warmth of the sun.  I believe in something bigger than myself, in making each day a little magical, in mental health days, and in celebrating in gratitude all the wondrous gifts I am given.



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I’m inspired by:
Human connection + the present + new places
+ morning light and golden light + good stories + symmetry + nature +
the ocean + emotions + poetry + music–especially while exploring + love.


My favorite things:
Ira and Poppy, my pups (the cuties on the green couch above (RIP, couch…thanks, Poppy) +
slow mornings + traveling + iced coffee + 
plants + hip hop + tacos + fresh flowers +
lavender scented things + 
making my brother laugh + watermelon + honeybees 
+ stars + the mountains and the sea + light + black/white patterns + minimalism +
+ notebooks and making lists + cooking + Harry Potter + A1 sauce.


– Walt Whitman