Hey, friends.  

I am a photographer (duh.) of love and of life serving all 50 states and
the world, but I am currently based in Oklahoma City.  My eyes are set on
Denver, CO in the near future…so Colorado pals, hit me up.  In fact, all pals
who aren’t in Oklahoma…hit me up.  Thank you kindly.

I wear stripes probably too much and use dry shampoo even more.
My hair is currently pink and, after 25 years on earth, I finally feel like myself.
If there’s such thing as loving your dogs too much, that’s where I am.  100%.  
Sometimes I like to imagine that if my dogs were actually kids in high school,
Ira would be the sweet, kind, shy gothic upperclassmen who is the older brother
of Poppy: the spoiled, bratty, hot mess of a popular drama-loving freshman beauty queen. 
I daydream constantly, plan travels like it’s my other job, shout praise for
Mexican + Thai food, and listen to my music as loudly as I can get away with.  
One day, I hope to live in a cottage in the English countryside,
surrounded by wildflowers, my own garden, and more dogs.

I’ve been learning a lot of hip hops lyrics and one day will rap/sing a duet as both Beyonce and Jay-Z in my first-ever karaoke attempt.  When I’m not practicing said karaoke session while I edit, my Spotify is an eclectic mix of way too much to list here.  Give me anything with a beat and anything that’s not country, and I’ll probably be happy.  I cry every time I watch Pam and Jim’s wedding on The Office.  I cry when I get inquiries with the word “Rustic” and unfortunately, they’re not the same happy tears from the Beesley/Halpert Wedding. I wish Apple made a waterproof iMac series so I could edit and work while simultaneously relaxing  in the bathtub.  Sometimes I consider naps my best friend.  I’m convinced that food is better spicy and that A1 steak sauce can be eaten on nearly everything.

I am a lover of small moments and big moments, of relentless joy,
of the warmth of the sun.  I believe in something bigger than myself,
in making each day a little magical, in celebrating the small things,
and in eating tacos as much as possible.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


I’m inspired by:
Humans and the relationships between us + the present moment + new places
+ morning light and golden light + good stories + symmetry + nature +
the ocean + emotions + poetry + good music + love.


My favorite things:
Ira and Poppy, my pups (the cuties on the green couch above) + slow mornings
+ traveling + iced coffee + 
plants + hip hop + tacos + fresh flowers +
lavender scented things + 
making people laugh (especially my brother)
+ watermelon + honeybees
 + stars + the mountains and the sea + emerald green
+ notebooks and making lists + cooking + Harry Potter + A1 sauce.