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I am not being a good blogger.
The only explanation is that I’m taking full advantage of my lazy summer days.  I’ve been editing wedding photos (that I’ll share as soon as I can), cleaning my house, hanging out with Ethan when he’s not at work.

We’ve been having a lot of game nights and have been grilling on my $25 Walmart grill.

Just found out that I get to take a mini road trip with my best friend, Marielle at the end of this month and early July.  I’m very excited.

I’m behing on editing photos and I have a wedding on Friday, so that won’t help with my editing woes, but I’m so excited to be a part of Jordan and Audrey’s day.  :)


My dad, my brother, Ethan and I are all headed to California (San Fran!!!!!!) in the beginning of July and then Ethan and I are headed to Seattle (!!!!).   I am so excited.

Also, someone should buy me this puppy. :)


With love,


  • 1.8.13 - 10:40 pm

    vivi k - Aww, what an adorable puppy! His big eyes make my heart melt. :)ReplyCancel