2014 was a huge year for me.  I made a goal to photograph 18 weddings (as it was my first year doing this full time).  I ended up photographing 29 weddings in 4 different states.  My work was published and featured on different websites, instagrams, and in a national magazine.  I became the official photographer for a local skate company.  I shot some film.  I hosted my first workshop.   I grew as an artist and saw transformation in my work from January to where I am now.  I’m still learning, of course, but I’m so excited for what’s to come and am stoked to be among other great OKC wedding photographers.

But the best part of my year was getting to document the love stories of couples, of seeing families interact with huge smiles, and for making seniors laugh and feel as comfortable as possible.  I watched a groom pull out his iPhone to snap a photo of his bride walking down the aisle.  I witnessed a hundred tears of joy falling softly down cheeks, the smiles of young children to grandparents light up rooms, the most tender moments between two people in love.  It is awesome.  I saw a groom mouth “wow” when he saw his bride.  The parties after the weddings were such fun–dancing, joy, drinks, and laughter all around.  First glances between couples and between brides and their fathers.  Tons of wedding day selfies taken.  The most heartwarming toasts and speeches.  First dances willed with love.  Little ones dancing like no one watching (and some adults too).  Some of my clients from this year have now become friends.  I have had so much support from people all over the state–all over the US–and now I have fans of my work in different countries.  It’s amazing.

Every wedding I shoot, every session I have, I think “I have the best job in the world.”  I do.  Because of you.  My clients and my friends, thank you for making this year HUGE, and for helping me pave the way for more beauty, simplicity, and story-telling for years to come.  I couldn’t do this without you.

I’m so stoked for what 2015 has in store.

This post is incredibly image heavy (and in no particular order) because I have beautiful subjects and I went to some pretty places.  I hope you enjoy.