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2015 was a big year for me on both personal and business levels. Some personal highlights: I got to go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter (a dream of mine); started dating my boyfriend, Roger, who rocks my world; adopted a puppy, Ira, who now weighs 60 pounds and is my best friend; got to travel […]

Guys.  Josh Garrels is brilliant. He’s a christian artist without being the overly sappy, overly acoustic-y type of musician.  Not that that type of music is bad, but sometimes you just need a break from that same sound. Enter Mr. Garrels.  This is a screenshot from his website, where you can listen to and buy […]

Guys, listen. I have a new favorite animal. The interest was sparked very instantaneously from watching BBC’s ocean program on Netflix. And now, I can’t get over how awesome these really freaking large creatures are. My new favorite animal is the Blue Whale. Yup. I think they’re fascinating. Here are some facts: They are the […]