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HELLO EVERYONE!  I am so so so excited to finally announce this. :) Are you a photographer wanting to break into the wedding industry?  Are you wanting to build your portfolio?  Are you wanting something different to shoot?  Do you want to grow creatively? I have the perfect opportunity for you! I’ve been teaming up […]

  Rachel Photographs is hosting another contest! This will be the ONLY ONE THIS YEAR. Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, the contest will be based around  LOVE. I’m hoping to have many entries and tried to make the theme broad enough so anyone could enter. :) What do you have to do? 1) […]

I NEVER go through with my New Years Resolutions.  Out of the 30+ I make (I’m crazy in the first place for making that many), I may stick with 2 0r 3.  I’m still trying to tone up and eat healthfully, which is good because we’re a month into 2013.   But one thing I always […]

  We’re right smack dab in the middle of Holiday Season. I know, I know, you’re crazy busy.  We all are. But instead of spending hours at the mall dragging 50 lb. bags of stuff, buy your uncle, best friend, mom, grandmother, baby cousin, entire family, or yourself, something that will last much longer than […]