Crosby and Justin’s Kansas Wedding was a dream.  I love traveling for weddings, so when Crosby asked me to be her wedding photographer, I, of course, had to say “Yes!”
She talked about lots of antique and vintage wedding decor, natural elements, lots of golds and metallics, and getting married on the land she grew up on.  When I met them both Crosby and Justin, I could tell instantly how in love they were.
The day itself was gorgeous.  Early October.  Crisp.  Clear.  Sunny, pretty warm, blue skies, a slight breeze.  Throw in amazing details, mismatched, gold bridesmaid dresses, gorgeous cakes, a walk through the forest, the sweetest ceremony, lots of tears of joy, a dove release, heartfelt toasts, and the most tender love between a man and woman, and you’ve got an awesome wedding day.

Justin had the sweetest reaction to Crosby walking down the aisle.  I may or may not have teared up too. Crosby surprised Justin by singing a song during the ceremony after both Justin’s and Crosby’s fathers took turns leading the ceremony.  It was truly a family affair with prayers led by grandparents, songs sung by siblings and best friends, the closest family members writing marriage advice, words of wisdom, and offering tokens of love to put into a time capsule.  Everyone who sang had a magical voice.  Everyone was so kind and welcoming–just as I had hoped–but went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect.

They had a picnic lunch complete with iced tea and lemonade.  A laughter-filled reception underneath a tent set the tone for the rest of the day.  Crosby and Justin did a glitter throw instead of a traditional bubbles or rice throwing send off.  Glitter.  Everywhere.  It was so cool.

I’d shoot this wedding a thousand more times if given the opportunity.  I wish Mr. and Mrs. Bruns the very best.

Enjoy.  Image heavy.


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