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So, apparently, this blog post type has been circling the interwebs for some time now.  My friends/fellow bloggers, Amanda and Sydney did this type of post this past week, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I tend to somewhat pretty far away from “bandwagons” (though there are always exceptions!) and thought this would be a good feature to do every once in a while.  Sometimes posting photos of people (not that I don’t love it) can possibly get old to my readers.  Here’s what’s up right now:

Photo taken quite some time ago by my lovely rugged and manly fiance, Ethan.

Watching // The clock, waiting on Ethan to get home.

Listening to // Angus & Julia Stone’s “Black Crow.”  It’s rad.

Planning // A new system of organizing my business/blog.

Thinking about // Taking a long bath, painting my nails, and finally reading the magazines that have been sitting on my floor for a few weeks.

Loving // The food I just ate…homemade veggie alfredo (with homemade alfredo sauce…hollah!) with baked asparagus (recipe soon?)

Stressing about // School, wedding, business…the usual.

Looking forward to // Having a long weekend…And Cafe Kacao on Saturday with Momma.  I like food.

Reading // Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (in Mid English, I might add), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Papertowns.
 I have a rather expansive reading list at all times.

Making me happy // My life.  I know it’s cliche, but even with all the stress that I’m feeling, I have it really good.

Wishing // That I could book more clients and therefore quit my day job. ;)  And that this semester would hurry up.
Day 3 and I’m already tired of it.  That, folks, is a MAJOR case of senioritis.