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Deep Blue Sea

Guys, listen.

I have a new favorite animal.

The interest was sparked very instantaneously from watching BBC’s ocean program on Netflix.
And now, I can’t get over how awesome these really freaking large creatures are.

My new favorite animal is the Blue Whale.

I think they’re fascinating.
Here are some facts:

They are the largest animals ever to exist.  Larger than the largest dinosaur.
Their hearts are the size of cars and their tongues weigh more than an elephant.
The fan on their tails are the size of airplane wings.
They are endangered.  And scientists estimate there to only be about 12,000 left.

And, even though they’re huge, they’re incredibly mysterious and elusive; scientists STILL don’t know where they go to breed.

They are just captivating to me.
And maybe I’m weird for being fascinating by whales.

Oh whale.

Here are some pictures for you.
You’re welcome.






Aren’t they cool?


With love,

  • 1.8.13 - 8:10 pm

    Ashleigh - Very cool!ReplyCancel

  • 1.8.13 - 12:48 am

    amanda - I have this weird fear of giant things…even really big statues make me feel overwhelmed! Blue whales = totally one of my biggest fears. I’d probably cry if I ever saw one in real life. I’m a big ol baby. :)ReplyCancel