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Discounts for Newly Engaged Couples | Photographer Bucket List | Oklahoma City Wedding Photographers

Exciting things for all newly engaged couples (or not-so-newly engaged)!  I’m offering 10% off all wedding collections for new inquiries until February 28.  All you have to do is mention the ad (which is on facebook and) below.  Mention the ad, book with me by February 28, BOOM 10% OFF.  Pretty simple.


Apart from the awesome discount, here’s my photography bucket list for 2015 (if I could shoot or book these, that would be SO GREAT).  If anyone helps me to achieve them, there will be something awesome in it for you.

+ Elopement somewhere beautiful like on a cliff or mountain or the ocean.
+ A whimsical wedding in Austin, TX.
+ A wedding outside of the US.  Seriously.  Let’s go somewhere.
+ A wedding where the bride wears a different colored dress (and blush/ivory doesn’t count…sorry).
+ Campfire/camping/woodsy/outdoorsy themed wedding.
+ A really quirky, different engagement session (we could collaborate on this, because I know “quirky” and “different” are vague).
+ A same sex wedding outside Oklahoma (I have two same sex weddings so far in 2015.  That RULES).
+ I want to photograph a beautiful redheaded girl who has lots of freckles and light eyes.  Know of anyone?
+ A wedding with bright flowers everywhere.  Or everything neutral with pops of colors in the floral arrangements.
+ 1950’s themed wedding.  From the hair, style, decor, vibe.  Everything.
+ Any couple who is really in love and isn’t afraid of the camera or to get close to each other. :)