Guys.  Josh Garrels is brilliant.
He’s a christian artist without being the overly sappy, overly acoustic-y type of musician.  Not that that type of music is bad, but sometimes you just need a break from that same sound.

Enter Mr. Garrels.

 This is a screenshot from his website, where you can listen to and buy his albums.

Number 3 on this album, “Farther Along” is, in my opinion, one of the most uplifting songs ever.  I seriously get chills every time I listen to it.  Which is a lot.

He’s a really talented musician and is walking the off-beat trail that many christian musicians don’t even know about.  His voice rocks.  His lyrics are stunning.  And you can tell, in each song, how he lives his life praising the God of the universe.  His love for God and God’s love for him is evident throughout each of his albums.

I encourage you to go listen.  You won’t be disappointed.