If you follow me on Twitter, then you’ve read over the past few days how much I love this song.  I LOVE IT.
It just feels right.  Especially with the windows down as you’re driving to see your significant other.

(Photo found via Google images)

I began listening to The Lumineers on Spotify a little while ago, mainly absent mindedly while I was cleaning or editing photos.  Then, as I was driving back home the other day, I thought…”Hmmm…I want to listen to The Lumineers.”  Welp, I bought the album (also called The Lumineers) on iTunes and haven’t given it a rest.

My favorite song is “Flowers in Your Hair” but the entire album is pure quality.
My only complaint is that “Flowers in Your Hair” is only 1:49 long.  I need it to be at least another minute or two longer.

Go on, give it a listen.  And try not to be happy while you’re doing so.
I’d just recommend buying the whole album.  I can’t get over it.

I also am fortunate enough to see them live come October at Austin City Limits.
AHHHH!! Excitement.

With love,