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If the world were perfect…

I’ve compiled a list of things that would make the world a little better.  (This was for fun and doesn’t reflect how I feel about hate/crime/equality/poverty/sickness or any of that stuff.  If it did reflect those topics, you could add a bullet point saying “Hate, crime, inequality, terrorism, war, poverty, disease, homelessness, abuse, rape, and toilet seats in the up position wouldn’t exist.  But I didn’t want this post to feel heavy, even though it carried the potential to be convicting and powerful.  Maybe soon, kids.)

Summer vacation would last from Early April to October.
Finals w0uld not exist.
Thoughts went directly to my blog if I wanted them to.  Along with images.
All shipping and handling would be free and expedited.
A 10 minute power nap could make me feel completely rejuvenated and rested.
I would know how to do my make-up better.
Pinning things would make one lose weight and tone up.
Chocolate and dessert wouldn’t be bad for you.
Or carbs.
Narrow-mindedness wouldn’t exist.
Asthma and heart palpitations would feel good.
Quality camera equipment wouldn’t be so expensive.
Thrift stores sold more vintage everything and carried neat shoes in a size 10.
You could go a day without hearing someone bash the president or make fun of someone or say the word “hate.”
Good coffee would be free from 5 am-6 pm.
I’d get to spend more time with those I love.
Plane tickets would be free if traveling for pleasure.
Photography and being a photographer would be limited to those with skills and talent.
Bon Iver would play weekly in my back yard.
I would have a grill.
Garage sales only sold vintage/retro/mid-century/or really awesome stuff.
Bigger and better flea markets would exist every weekend in OKC.
I would be in shape and 20 lbs lighter.  And I would crave really healthy foods.
Exercising would be thrilling and super fun and mostly easy.
Ethan would have a kitten.  Or two.
I would have a puppy.  Or two.
Rent would be lower.
Bills would be payed for the company bimonthly.
Nail polish wouldn’t chip if you wanted the color to stay and would wipe off easily if you didn’t want it to stay.
Harry Potter wouldn’t have ever ended.
Pretty Little Liars seasons wouldn’t have a 3 month split.  Only one day in between one season and the next.
More people would follow me on Instagram (username: deerrachel ;))
JK Rowling would be my godmother.
Matilda would be available to stream online, via the iPad, smartphone, and every television would be equipped with a Matilda channel.
Teleportation would be possible.
Aaaand it wouldn’t be past my bedtime right now.


  • 1.8.13 - 4:07 am

    ethaney - loved this list! i agree especially with the ten minute nap bit. if only… ;)ReplyCancel

  • 1.8.13 - 1:12 am

    Sydney - I’m currently working on learning how to do my make-up better too. Maybe this should be a team effort. On the toning up thing… I’m trying to find a yoga problem. My doctor said it would help with my heart (amen on wishing palpitations felt good!… & the PLL one). As for nail polish… I’ve become a bit of a nail polish snob lately. China Glaze is my favorite. It’s been the best (for me) to last without chipping, & come off easily without staining my nails.


    2 days until I move & we become close friends & have the greatest double dates ever!ReplyCancel