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John | Oklahoma City Senior Photographer | Plaza District | Rachel Photographs

80% of what I shoot are weddings.  I LOVE shooting weddings.  But when I get requests from senior guys for me to photograph them, I get really excited for many reasons.
1) John contacted me (not his parents), so I knew he appreciated my style of shooting and final product of images.
2) Most of the people I shoot are ladies, so getting a male in front of my camera was exciting in the sense that I don’t get to do it very often.
3) More portraits for my portfolio (apart from weddings) is always a win.

John is a natural in front of the camera, has some wicked hair, and chose the perfect set of clothes that matched his style and the overall vibe for his senior photos.
I’m not a typical senior photographer, so I feel like these looked more like an up and coming solo band member’s potential album cover shots.  Which I’m 100% fine with.
We had fun walking around the Plaza District, trying some experimental things with shadows and what not, and getting to know each other (John’s likes The Fray, Kanye, and Bon Iver…great choices).

If he goes to OU in the fall (which is likely), I told him to be prepared for me to send him an email asking for him to model for me.

Without any further ramblings, here are some favorites from John’s senior session.