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Katie + Nima at The Lodge| OKC Wedding Photographer | Rachel Photographs

There are so many great things about this wedding.
1) Katie and Nima are totally in love and they have fun together always, so it makes for really great photos and really happy photographers.
2) They got married at “The Lodge” which is a retreat center of sorts that Katie’s Dad helped build.  It’s outside of Oklahoma City by about an hour and 15 minutes.  When we drove up, we were blown away.  Being an OKC wedding photographer, I always thought that I’d mainly shoot weddings IN OKC, but it’s taken me all over Oklahoma and into other states as well.  So exciting.  This Lodge and all the acres it’s on is breathtaking.
3) Nima’s family is from Iran and travelled all the way from there.  The cultural touches that were in this wedding made it unique and tons of fun–there was so much dancing too, which I loved.
4) The food was so good.  Iranian food AND BBQ.  My stomach and heart were happy.
5) Genuinely kind people.  All the guests and people helping out did it with smiles on their faces and were incredibly gracious and welcoming to us.
6) Fresh flowers everywhere (thanks, Tony Foss).
7) Llamas.  LLAMAS!
8)  Ample time for taking photos (a photographer’s dream).  Katie made a perfect timeline and we were *~*~*~BLESSED~*~*~* with overcast skies during the afternoon so there weren’t harsh shadows.  I also got to sneak them away during sunset for more pretty-light photos.
9) Twinkle lights galore.
10) A laid back bride and groom.  When the couple is stress-free, it makes the whole day better.  I was at this wedding for 9+ hours and never thought “Oh man…this is stressful.”  All I thought was “I love my job.  I love my job.  Katie and Nima look like models.  They’re so in love.  I love my job.”

I’m sure this list could top off at 100+ bullet points, but I’ll just let the photos do the talking.  I’ve really lucked out with how great the couples I get to work with are and how beautiful their weddings have been.  I walk away from every one overjoyed that I get to do this for a living.  And I know I say that ALL THE TIME, but it’s true.

Enjoy the Pakzad wedding!