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Lovely Little Things // Minty Fresh

I’ve been wanting to start a weekly or bi-weekly post about things I love around the internet or, ya know, just in my life.  I had thought about titles, and I really liked how “Lovely Little Things” sounded.  I had aimed for doing these posts on Thursdays only, but it may skip around every once in a while.  So without further ado, here is the first installment of Lovely Little Things. :)


Ethan, a few days ago, asked me what my favorite color is recently.  It changes pretty frequently.

I said “mint green.”  (I also said blush pink and gold–but only together–coral, and mustard yellow if you’re wandering)

I’ve been kind of obsessing over the color as of late, so I scoured Etsy to find some of the prettiest, most minty finds I could.
Sadly, the oxfords have been purchased since I found them (and I cried when I found out) but I think everything else is up for grabs.

 These are so pretty. <3

The loveliest little camera.

Such a darling bracelet.  You could dress this up and down.

Isn’t this graphic iPhone case wonderful?

Mint AND coral in one necklace??  I can’t take it!

I would just feel really awesome baking with this bad boy.

These darling earrings are currently in my Etsy basket.  By the time I post this, they may be on their way
to Oklahoma City and into my outstretched, longing arms.

I’m not one to say that material possessions are something worth living for.  Unless they’re unlimited Bon Iver tickets.  But it’s kind of fun to see what kind of beautiful things are floating around on the internet.

And I like buying things for people I love.

With love,