my manifesto.


I believe in empowerment, equality, and love.

I believe in slow days just as well as I believe in
days that don’t end until sunrise.

I believe that celebrating yourself shouldn’t be looked down upon.

I believe in showing off your superpower.

I believe in iced coffee and gin + tonics
and fresh squeezed lemonade.

I believe in honesty and I believe in kindness.

I believe that making every human feel valuable
and beautiful is my purpose.

I believe that story-telling is my medium.
I love to do my story-telling with
a camera.

I believe in composition, style, design,
symmetry, lines, juxtaposition, and whimsy.

I believe in wearing your favorite outfit every day.  
In wearing what makes you feel like your you-iest you.

I believe in rest.

I believe that making statements should be encouraged
and that boring should be punched in the face.

I believe in bold.  In color.  In eclectic and fresh.

I believe you can put your own spin on anything.

I believe in long talks over drinks or tacos,
spilling the good stuff, sharing the real, the best.

I believe in weird.  With my whole heart,
I believe in weird.

I believe in the little voice inside of our mind
that tells us to keep going.

I believe that treating yourself is important.

I believe that loving yourself is a tremendous
journey–one that I’m always working on.
I think I am getting it and I hope you are too.

I believe in mental health days.  

I believe in talking on the phone with loved ones.  
And scheduling calls for others.

I believe that travel broadens my mind
more than anything else.

I believe that gratitude should always be
practiced more (I’m working on it).

I believe in sunshine through cabin windows
and sand beneath toes.

I believe in feeling deeply. And inner work.
And in growing as you can.

I believe I can fly.

I believe I can touch the sky.  

Both metaphorically speaking, of course,
though I do wish I knew what it was like to
float/fly through a gigantic cloud.

I believe that the human connection is one
of the greatest gifts we’ll ever know.

I believe in trivia nights or game nights
with friends.  As much as possible.

I believe in slowing down.  I also
believe in cranking shit out.
(and sometimes I believe in cussing a little.)

I believe that a dog will always cheer me up.
Multiple dogs is even better.

I believe in getting lost in nature
and getting lost in big cities.

And I’ll always believe in coming home.