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Morgan + Jordan | Destination Wedding Photographers | Laid Back Vintage Wedding

What can I say about Morgan and Jordan?   That they’re really cool and dress well?  Yes.  That they have perfect smiles and great senses of humor?  Also yes.  That they’re some of my favorite clients to date?  Yup.

But they’re also wildly in love.  They’re best friends.  They’re each other’s confidants, partners, team mates, support system.  I was excited about their wedding day from the first email they sent me.  When I met with them at my favorite coffee shop, Morgan looked like she stepped out of an Anthropologie catalog and Jordan kept talking about how important photography was to them.  My type of clients, guys.   Sometimes grooms are passive when it comes to the planning, but Jordan voiced his opinions and let me know that they trusted me to shoot their engagements and their wedding.  It ruled.

Due to crazy schedules, we did their engagement session 9 days before their wedding.  It was probably a little bit crazy, but it all worked out.  They did a campfire sesssion at a nearby lake and their engagements are some of my favorite I’ve shot.

Fast forward to their wedding day.  My assistant, Colleen, and I drove quite a ways on a drizzly October day.  Grey skies.  Constant mist.  Slightly cold.  When we got to the wedding venue (a family farm complete with chickens, pigs, and deer), everyone was all smiles, even though the weather decided to be noncooperative.  Morgan kept her chin up and was a beautiful bride even though the weather got her down.  Jordan thought the weather was cool in an Oregon-y/Washington-y way (and I agreed.  Swoon).

Despite the weather, Morgan and Jordan’s wedding day was stunning.  Vintage details, succulents, bottled soda, and a dessert bar.  They got married at the base of an old tree.  With umbrella holding guests lining the aisles of pews made of hay, Morgan walked down the aisle to nothing but the sound of birds chirping, leaves rustling.  All eyes were on her.

They had the biggest wedding party I’ve photographed to date.  The girls carried old books instead of bouquets.  Jordan’s guys were gifted custom painted hatchets.  So cool.

The reception was moved inside the barn, and people ate, laughed, drank coffee, and celebrated the newlyweds.  The day was beautiful–every single part.