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My Weekend in Instagrams

I had a lovely little weekend with my brother, mom, and step-dad.  We went to Tulsa for a shot little getaway.
We enjoyed good food, lovely gardens, some wilderness, a little shopping, and a wee bit of the ABC Family Harry Potter Weekend.  It was a nice visit to my old home.

We stayed at Post Oak Lodge, which is just outside of Tulsa.  But it was similar to the country or Colorado or something.  Combined, over our 2 days there, we saw something like 20 deer.  It was neat.  With us being in the country, we never had wireless, so forgive me for the lack of posting on Saturday and Sunday ;)

Here is my weekend in instagrams. (Follow me!  Username: deerrachel)

Frozen yogurt with twix, reeses, little baby gummy bears,
and a whole lotta fruit and granola underneath there.


The Philbrook Museum gardens.
Pretty pretty, yeah?

My deeeelicious Sunday breakfast of Earl Grey tea, french toast with PB and bananas and fruit. Yay.

The essential hipster shoes/flower or leaves shot.


A quick scrabble game with Broseph.

Pesto tortellini from Mary’s Trattoria.

Lunch at Rock Cafe (I think there was a scene in Disney’s Cars that was inspired by this restaurant.)

Attractiveness runs in the family.

I was undoubtedly listening to Wedding Song.

We were greeted with early morning (and continuing all day) rain for our drive back.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

With love,