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My Philosophy

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My ultimate goal for each wedding, elopement, and session is to make images that are 100% you.  Photos that tell your story.
I want you to have photos that show off your personalities, your personal sense of style, and all the little magic moments that weave themselves between you and your honey.
For all of that goodness to happen, we’ve got to trust each other,
and that trust happens when we click.

I love couples who are crazy in love (cue the Beyoncé song), fun and adventurous, and laid-back.  They think out of the box, have a creative side, and aren’t having a cookie-cutter wedding or session.  They go with their gut, do things their own way, and punch Boring in the face.

I deliver the best photos when I’m fully inspired by what’s happening around me.  When I can soak it in, go with my gut, and know that I have your trust.  I’m going to make amazing photos for you, but I’m also going to make some amazing photos for me.  This is my passion first and foremost.  The fire cannot go out, so I aim to stay inspired.  That means I aim to work with couples and people who spark that fire and hope to photograph sessions and weddings that do the same.

I love different.  I love color, composition, symmetry, and natural light.  I love white and I love black and I love bright colors too.  I want to photograph you in a sunlit room or outside when the light is especially nice.  I try my hardest to stay away from dark venues, overly-posed images, forced emotions, or cheesy things (unless it’s pizza).  I might ask you to do some out-of-the-box things.  I’ll probably tell you to stop smiling at the camera.  I’ll do my absolute best to make you feel and look superfreakingamazing.

– You’re madly, freely, wildly in love.
– You’re a creative type.
– You’re making your wedding about you and the one you love most–not about anyone or anything else.
– You’re not afraid to be a little goofy, to feel real emotions, and to get close to your sweetheart.
– Your wedding will be a unique representation of you two as a couple and won’t necessarily follow trend or tradition.
– Photography is a very high priority for your wedding day.
– You booked a venue with really wonderful light.
– You can trust me, my creative process, and my ideas.
– You like laughing.
– You’d love to receive authentic, creative, and timeless photos.

– You aren’t very excited about getting married.
– Your venue is dark and poorly lit or cluttered.
– Burlap or “rustic” are common words in your planning process and decor ideas.
– You give me a very detailed shot list instead of trusting me.
– You don’t really care about photography.  You could just have a relative with a fancy camera take pictures.
– You don’t value time for bride and groom portraits. 
– You ask for selective coloring, to make you “skinnier”, or un-natural editing.  I want you to look like you.
– You don’t like dogs (mostly kidding here…).


If you think I’m the photographer for you and you’re the client for me, I’d love to hear from you!