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Just like Amanda, I also love some random facts. I realize that this is my blog and website, but many of my readers may not know too much about me. Here we go, 15 random facts about me.    1. I have unhealthy obsession with A1 sauce.  I’ll eat it on nearly everything. 2. I’m […]

Ethan celebrated our 2 year anniversary in February, and his gift to me was a trip to Springfield to visit Red Velvet.  That’s all we really had planned.  We went to Springfield this past weekend and had an absolutely glorious time.  Red Velvet was just a tiny part of why it was awesome. (and Red […]

As some of you may know, I struggle with self-esteem, stress, and creating happiness for myself.  It’s an ongoing process, and I am trying to get better.  I am getting better. On Tuesday night, after feeling pretty lonely and a bit sad, I decided to get out of my bed (it was only about 7:45 […]