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The Perks of Only Having Class on Tuesday and Thursday

I’m in college.  Full time.  But I get to graduate in a year, which is terribly exciting.
One of the mistakes I’ve made over the past 3 years, however, is always taking classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Just too much school (I have NO idea how I made it through high school from 8-3 everyday).  So, this semester, after dropping a horrifying American Lit class, I only have class on Tuesdays/Thursdays.
It’s SO wonderful.
One of the best choices/decisions of my life.
I am also taking online classes, which isn’t particularly wonderful, but they’re the easiest thing ever.

Here are the perks of T/TH classes only:

– I can work more, which sometimes irritates me, but in the end only means that I can stay on my feet (sometimes I consider working at Coolgreens my exercise of the day) and I can earn more money.

– I get to sleep in.  Except I didn’t today.  Woke up at 8:00, but I stayed in bed longer until I had to go to work.

– Less homework (?)  I mean, I really don’t have much homework, though that could be the cause of so many online classes.

– Um, FOUR DAY WEEKENDS.  Need I say more?

– I can thrift more (though I really don’t).  But I could if I wanted…

– I have more free time and am more flexible, so that’s abled me to spend more time with family.

– And since I have more money, I can justify spending money on unnecessary items.  Like these beauts:

(New shades.  Ya dig?)
(I’m also in the process of getting my hair back to its original color…it’s a process)

– AAAAAND I can be outside more. Because, let me please tell you, Oklahoma weather, though bipolar mostly, has been so so so lovely the past week or so.
SO pretty.

Remember when I said that I’d upload newborn shots soon?
Expect those tonight.

 But don’t get disappointed if I fail. :)

With love,