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Shelbey + Bart | Modern Wedding at The OKC Museum of Art | OKC Wedding Photographer | Rachel Photographs

I’ll be first to admit that sometimes wedding photographers get too wrapped up in how a wedding will look.  Shelbey and Bart were planning on getting married on the rooftop at the Museum of Art.  I was beyond stoked.  Natural light and the OKC skyline as a backdrop.  Couldn’t get better.  Three days before the wedding, I got a call from Shelbey saying the entire wedding was moved inside due to the chance of rain.  To be honest, my stomach sunk a little.
Then I realized the day of their wedding that the reason I love my job so much is because of the people.  This wedding reinforced that over and over again.  I can now call Shelbey and Bart (and some of their friends) my friends now.  Shelbey is a sweetheart through and through.  She’s got a sense of humor and was totally relaxed the day of.  Bart can make anyone laugh and being around him is very calming–especially during the stress of a wedding day.  (Shout out to Shelbey’s MOH, Marah, who is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and who kept Colleen and me laughing throughout the day).
Despite last minute major changes to their wedding (and what I thought was going to be a damper on their day), this wedding was one of my favorites ever.  Shelbey and Bart worked with some incredible (and some of my favorite) vendors.  Juniper Designs, Cuppies and Joe, Dry Shop, and Dutch Floral and Home  (she got all the awesome cake stands from Dutch!) just to name a few.
I heard Shelbey say “I’m in my Pinterest board.  This is my dream wedding” during the day, so I’d say everything was very successful.
It ended up not raining the day of, so Shelbey, Bart, and I went up to the roof top for some natural light photos.  The sunset and clouds that The Big Guy Upstairs created were crazy beautiful.  I did so many happy dances.

Beautiful people (seriously, they’re ridiculously good looking) + beautiful skies/nature + natural light = very happy Rachel.  I also got to shoot them in front of some really great pieces of art (first time photographing a wedding at the OKC Museum of Art!)  Man, this wedding was a dream.

A huge congratulations to my friends, Shelbey and Bart Estes!  You two are wonderful and your wedding was absolutely amazing.